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We go outside when snack's over. When we go outside, we go on the slide and there's a rock wall you can climb on. Our school is fun to go to. I'm four years old. I like Talking Time, because we get to talk to each other.

- Eli, Age 4


PJ Havdalah1--9

Our Early Childhood Center

Throughout the day in our 2, 3 and 4 year old classes, Shaare Torah Early Childhood Center focuses on offering a play-based, child-centered program. Children learn best when given the opportunity to discover, explore and ask questions, and that is the center of every day at Shaare Torah Early Childhood Center. Our natural environment, both inside and outside, encourages collaborative work among the children, as well as between children and adults. With the goal of always provoking thought and curiosity as the best way to encourage learning, our emergent curriculum is creative and hands on.

During each year of Early Childhood Center, we are preparing your child to enter the elementary school environment with tools such as self-esteem, confidence, independence and a willingness to accept new challenges along the way. We also strive to build a close relationship between your home and our school as a source of enduring friendships, while also establishing an ongoing relationship with our synagogue community.